Active support & systematic instruction


Book a one day course for your staff on 'systematic training techniques' (data-based, error free learning, utilising task analysis and a hierarchical approach to levels of assistance).


As we approach the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the focus will be on both 'person centred approaches' and 'active support' - approaches that I sum up as 'doing with, not for' - solid systematic training techniques maximise the participants participation, and are the most efficient way of achieving task independence.


So get your staff NDIS ready!


Learning outcomes include understanding:

  • the principles of person centred approaches and active learning
  • the instructional cycle (cue, response, affect)
  • the stages of learning (acquisition, fluency, maintenance)
  • how to conduct and create a task analysis, including assessing quality and rate requirements (where relevant)
  • the principles of error-free learning
  • how to use instructional cues and a heirarchy of levels of assistance
  • how to use naturally occuring motivational effects
  • how to efficiently collect effective data
  • how to fade trainer assistance


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